School Computer Donation

AutoUnion Car Rental is once again next to young people! They made a really important grant to the students of the 2nd Primary School, in Trilofos, Thessaloniki, computers.

Both children and their teachers reached out in need of purchasing new computers in order to replace the old, non-functional ones. AutoUnion Car Rental responded immediately to the request coming from both children and teachers.

To be more specific, they bought 13 state-of-the-art computers, fully equipped with programs that are cover students’ educational needs. Students and teachers gladly received the new computers as a must-have tool for enriching and fulfilling their education needs.

The Teachers’ Association/Union of the school along with their students, thanked with gratitude and high appreciation for their contribution to the upgrade of the local education. Truth is that during the last years, has always been on the school’s side, supporting and offering help to both Parents’ Association and the Guardians to their acts.