Corporate Rentals

It is well known that customers’ requirements for professional car rentals differ from those of leisure renters. Professionals demand more consistency, speed of service and constant support.

Many responsible and forward-thinking companies and organizations are pro-actively searching for efficient and service-oriented ways of corporate transfers.

By choosing autoUnion as your car rental partner, your company has the real choice between services and products that are focused on the real needs of the customers.

autoUnion Car Rental

We have solutions for your company

AutoUnion’s main goal is adaptation to market needs, thus we have created two corporate products to meet your needs.


Long Term

Operating leasing or long-term rental with autoUnion is the smartest way to have a car! You pay a monthly rent to use the vehicle, while ownership and any expenses for the fixed costs typically stays with autoUnion. The leasing lasts for as long as you need and at the end you can return or redeem the vehicle. When it comes to companies, managing a fleet is not a simple matter. Outsourcing fleet management saves you time and resources, while eliminating risk. Our customers are companies across industries, including food, medicine, tourism and many more.

Short Term

A short business trip is either the way to maintain a good and healthy relationship between cooperating companies or a way to expand the ongoing business of an organization. In autoUnion we understand today’s demanding needs for corporate rentals and we focus on delivering an exceptional product. By being a corporate partner of autoUnion, your business gains access to a great number of rental locations, products and services to choose from. Services include Deliveries, Collections and Fast Track Service that allow customers to pick up the vehicle from a dedicated booth without any delays. By choosing between vehicles, insurances and extra options that fit your needs you can be sure that your short-term business rental will be smooth and hassle free.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can book your AutoUnion Car Rentals reservation by logging in to your Corporate account through the main page of our website.

There, by filling the form “Book your car now” and clicking search for cars, you can choose from a wide variety of vehicles we offer.

You can easily change or cancel your AutoUnion Car Rentals reservation by logging in to your Corporate account through the main page of our website.

There, by choosing Review / Manage booking link, you may change, cancel or just check your existing or past reservations.

At AutoUnion Car Rentals for corporate customers, you can conveniently choose to prepay for your rental or to pay upon arrival to the car rental branch with a credit card.

Please present your original credit card upon rental. The driver and payment details are fixed at the time of reservation and cannot be changed.

Save time during the pick-up process of your car with our Online Check-out service. Report your documents online before your arrival and minimize the time you will need to pick up the vehicle.

By logging in to your AutoUnion Corporate account you can fill in your personal details by choosing Online Check-out link.

With AutoUnion Car Rentals the first additional driver is free of charge. You may include additional drivers, who are at least 23 years old, in the rental contract by showing their driving licenses.

If the additional driver cannot be present during pick-up, you can go to any AutoUnion station across the country to have the registration done. When picking up the car, presenting the original driving license of the additional driver is enough.

There will be no insurance coverage in the event of a claim until the additional driver has been included in the contract.

You can find the location, directions, and information about the immediate vicinity of our worldwide AutoUnion Car Rentals stations .

Our wide range of rental cars for corporate customers includes all relevant types of vehicles from small cars people’s carriers.

For our commercial vehicles, we offer vans and transporters for short-term, long-term or even permanent rentals.